Hi there!

We’re the The Cambridge University Motorsport Fans Society but that’s just our formal name. We like to call ourselves the Motorsport Fans Soc, and we are open to all fans of motorsport racing (many of our members are particularly interested in Formula 1!), whether casual or long term! Our members have been fans since childhood or only got into the scene during lockdown, and we would love you to join our group if you are interested in the sport!

We are new Society, and every member has a full voice in our decision making, and an equal opportunity to get involved.

During the F1 season, we try to organise watch parties for each race weekend, sometimes quali and sometimes the race itself. These are usually held in JCRs, College Bars, or pubs, though if the weather is ever inviting enough we may find our way outside in Easter term! If you want to help us organise events or have ideas on how we can run more interesting events, email our speakers and events officer!

In addition to watch parties and other social events, we have been working hard to organise career and general interest talks from members of the industry, from every sector. Attending these events will be free for members.

If you have experience in the motorsports industry, whether that be Formula 1, Formula E, or any other series, and wish to give our members a talk please email the committee.

Does it cost anything to join the Society?

No! We have no plans to introduce membership fees at present, and the only way membership fees can be introduced is by a vote of the membership (which will hopefully include you soon!) As a consequence of this, if we ever decide to hold events which cost us to run we may ask you to contribute to that cost if you attend the event 🙂

Do I have to commit to doing any work?

No! While helping us run social media, recruiting new members, or writing posts for our website are all options, there is no expectation that you do so! Our primary purpose is providing a space for like minded Cambridge students to chat, and posts memes, about Formula 1 and other motorsports.

What if I don’t know much about F1/am just getting into the sport?

That’s more than fine! Indeed, one of our Committee members only got into the sport over lockdown! One of our expectations from members is to be welcoming and happy to engage with everyone, no matter their experience in the sport 🙂

Do you have a mailing list?

We email all of our current members with updates and events, and don’t maintain a public mailing list at present. If you cannot join the Society for whatever reason but still wish to be kept updated, please email the Secretary to discuss your situation.