Welcome on behalf of the CUMFS!

Bella Manfredi briefly introduces the Cambridge University Motorsport Fans Society.

On behalf of the entire committee, welcome to the Cambridge University Motorsport Fans Society! Established in 2020 by a small group of Cambridge University freshers, the society now has over 150 members. Everyone is welcome in the society, no matter how long you’ve been watching motorsports!

We wanted to be able to provide a space for students passionate about motorsports to try their hand at writing articles… enter the blog! Anybody can write for us, just get in contact with Bella (Social Media Officer) via the email ikm22@cam.ac.uk , or alternatively click here to fill in a pitch form. We welcome any suggestions and would love to hear your ideas.

Whether it be through reflecting on past races, ranking your top ten favourite Bottas memes, or writing a more analytical piece, hopefully this blog will evolve into a space full of insight about the world of motorsport.